Analysis of XYZ Company

Since it is still relatively new, XYZ Company obviously doesn’t have a lot of Facebook followers and interaction going on.  As of March 17, the page had 167 likes, which has been steadily increasing since January.  A majority of the likes were paid and came from ads.  Interestingly, around March 10, some likes came from “uncategorized mobile.”  Based on the data, very few people reach the posts organically; mostly as a result of the paid ads.  In March, the posts were starting to see a bit more interaction than previously.  Likes, comments and shares all increased, especially around March 12.  XYZ’s timeline has had the most eyes on it.  Very few people have looked at the info and photo tabs and there are only two instances during this year that viewers looked at the page’s reviews, which probably only has a few.  On February 6, one person was referred to XYZ’s Facebook page from Google.

It seems that most people are likely to read the posts on the weekends and at night, after dinner.  But who’s the audience? Fifty-eight percent of page likes are from women and 42 percent are from males; however, males are engaging more often with the page’s content.  In the ads, 73 percent of the people reached are males, while only 26 percent are females.  Many of the followers are in the Chicopee/Springfield, Massachusetts, area, which seems to be this company’s location.  The ads are successful in targeting these people, but many aren’t liking the page.  In short, the company needs to gain more followers, reach more people with its posts and craft posts that will generate more engagement.

For the five most recent posts, the average number of post clicks was 18 and the average number of combined likes, comments and shares was 29.  The post on Feb. 27 was XYZ’s most successful one yet: It reached 3,500 people, mostly paid, as well as received 44 post clicks and 71 combined likes, comments and shares.  From what I can see, it looks like XYZ was running a promotion, “March mini split madness … For the month of March get a 22 seer Fujitsu heat pump installed at…”  It seems that the Facebook ads are definitely working in reaching more people, especially if there is a promotion involved.  March 12 is a good example as it seems to be a magic day for a lot of the variables — increased post likes, comments and shares, page likes, post reach and engagement — and this was because XYZ Company ran an ad on that day.  This was also the first time the page saw likes coming from mobile.

Post frequency and content could be improved upon.  Up until now, there has been one post every week, but sometimes it has been longer than that between posts.  The social media manager should come up with a set schedule as to how often and what time of day to post so followers can learn to expect them.  Based on the data, people are more likely to see them on the weekends and toward the end of the day.  Promotional posts get the most engagement as expected, but there should also be some informational posts in the mix so that followers can view XYZ as a reliable source of information about heating and cooling.  Posts should also remind users to like its page and direct them to the website along with other social media.  Including images, videos and hashtags are important too.  All of the posts except one have an image, which is good, but other media should be used as well if relevant.

Only one user this year came from Google, so all the other visitors are coming from Facebook — mostly from the ads.  This means XYZ Company has low SEO.  Users are not being directed to the Facebook from its website, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ either; little cross-promotion is going on.  I don’t know if it has this already, but if not, putting social buttons on XYZ’s website would generate more traffic to the Facebook page.  XYZ should make sure to put the company website and other social media links in the info page as well.  In the mailers sent out to residents within a 30-mile radius, reminding consumers to visit the website and connect with the company on social media is another way to boost Facebook results.  Emails can be collected from Facebook, the website and mailers.  Once the email database is up-and-running, emails could direct readers to the Facebook page and other channels.  Especially since this is a local company, I think advertising in the local newspaper or renting a billboard would increase awareness.  They might see the ad and go to the Facebook page to read reviews and find out more information.  These are more expensive, but worthwhile channels if the budget is there.  For now though, gaining awareness through Facebook ads is relatively successful so the company should continue social media marketing.

A future campaign XYZ Company can do when the weather starts to warm up is to run a promotional campaign, maybe something like refer-a-friend.  Consumers who refer the company to a friend for installation of a HVAC system, maintenance, or repair will get a free maintenance call or money off their next service.  It could run posts on Facebook, promote on other social media, create a Facebook ad, send out a mailer as well send out an email with the promotion (once the email database is established).

Some sample posts XYZ Company could use are:

Facebook post: Keep yourself and your friends cool this summer with our refer-a-friend offer! Throughout May, tell your friends about XYZ and receive half off your next service.  Make sure they mention your name when booking. #XYZ #referafriend #keepitcool
*include image*

Twitter post: Don’t miss this HOT offer: May is refer-a-friend month.  When you spread the word about XYZ, we’ll give you half off your next service! #XYZ #referafriend #keepitcool

Facebook Ad: AC broken? Call XYZ Company to install a silent, sleek and energy-saving mini split.


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