Churches, Cruise & Celebrations

Yesterday a friend and I went to the KaDeWe to explore the chic mall and surrounding area.  On the way, we saw the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.  The church has many names: The Germans call it “der Hohle Zahn,” meaning “The Hollow Tooth” — because it  was bombed in 1943 — while it’s also called “Lippenstift und Puderdose” (the lipstick and the powder box).



The KaDeWe was so overwhelming.  I wish we had more time to really see all the floors, especially the sixth with the fine dining.  Hopefully I can get back there before I leave as well as the zoo.

Kaufhaus des Westens

Kaufhaus des Westens

Saturday night was the group’s optional boat cruise.  Most of us signed up, and it was definitely worth it.  I got the best seat on the boat — by the window — so I was able to take pictures throughout the ride.


Kali, me, Kamran and Catie


das Schiff




Yesterday some friends and I went to the Flohmarkt am Mauerpark again.  This time, I bought a dreamcatcher, scarf and coasters — more souvenirs! Later in the day we went to the Carnival of Cultures parade and street fest.  It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced (there seems to be a lot of that lately).  There were lots of booze, broken bottles, people and smoke.  It was fun watching the parade and seeing all the different nationalities of people in Germany.



Mooning Man (although I missed a shot of his butt)

Mooning Man (although I missed a shot of his butt)



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