Final Days Abroad

Yesterday I went to see Luca Bogoni, an Italian graphic designer and illustrator well known for his illustrations for Moleskine.  I chose him as the subject for my final project, which I will post once my professor has approved and finalized it.  I was so excited when he emailed me back and was interested in my project.  Bogoni and I chatted about his work and life, while I took pictures of him and his studio.  It was an honor to meet such a great artist — he was very candid, always willing to answer my questions.

Luca Bogoni

Luca Bogoni



Afterwards, I met up with the group to go to der Reichstag. The juxtaposition of the building was just incredible: the traditional, stone facade compared to the modern, glass interior.  The views from the top were great as well; we could see the western and eastern most parts of the city.  We’ll be seeing that again tonight from the TV tower, except at dark.



Exterior von dem Reichstag


Inside der Reichstag

Glass dome on the roof von dem Reichstag


I can’t believe I leave tomorrow.  Berlin is a wonderful city with, as I said once before, so much history and diversity.  I’m excited to go home to see my family, fiance and friends.  I’ve made some great friends here though, most of whom I probably won’t see again.  Bittersweet.  It’ll be back to the real world with thesis defending and job hunting.  It’s been a wonderful end-of-grad-school trip.



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